Short characterization of alpine part of Rh?ne-Alpes

Area Surface of the departments (NUTS III)

Savoy 6.028 km?

High Savoy: 4.388 km?

Isere: 7431 km?


Number of inhabitants (census 2006)

Savoy: 392.000 inhabitants

High Savoy: 676.000 inhabitants

Isere: 1.093.786 inhabitants



Savoy: 62 habitants/km?

High Savoy: 144 habitants/km?

Isere: 147 habitants/km?


Three more important cities

Chambery, Annecy and Grenoble


Agriculture and agroalimentary sector

The productions are distributed in the following way in these departments:

? 15,5% bovines milk

? 13,7% sheep, caprine

? 13% field crops

? 10% vine growing

? 9,2% fruits

? 8,8% bovines meat

? 6,5% mixed-farming

? 4,5% field crops and herbivores

? 2% granivores

? 2% truck farming, horticulture

Development of agriculture and agroalimentary the these 20 last years in area the Rhone the Alps

The farms evolve

Thanks to the agricultural census of 2000, it is possible to obtain a precise photograph of regional agriculture. First report: the exploitations are fewer, but larger (on average 27 ha).

Agriculture represents 74.000 employment are equivalent full time in 2000 against 112.000 in 1988. Managers, or the coexploitants (agricultural companies), manage more and more their farm without the assistance of their spouse.

For seasonal needs (gathering of the fruits, grape harvest, harvests) or others, the farmers now have recourse to the wage-earning which represents a little more than 16.000 employment are equivalent full time and which remains in increase.

The multi-activity remains marked: a quarter of the owners (permanent) state to have a profession other than agricultural.

A great agricultural diversity as regards productions with the asset of quality

Source: Synagri

80% of the surface of the territory of the Rhone-Alps are concerned with the AOC 36 wine AOC.

The wine production is classified to 70% in AOC in the Rhone-Alps with 2 VDQS (Wines Of Higher Quality).

There are 10 cheese-making AOC which accounts for 15% of the French AOC, 6 various AOC (Poultries and Turkeys of Bresse, Noix of Grenoble, essential Olive oil of Nyons, Huile lavender, Olives black of Nyons,) 34 red labels and 32 compliance certificates