ISARA-Lyon was founded in 1968 to train responsible and skilled men and women for agriculture, rural development and the food Industry. It is administered by a non-profit association composed of prominent persons from agriculture, the food industry and business spheres.

ISARA-Lyon is a French "Grande Ecole", with a limited and highly selective student intake. Graduates receive a five-year Master?s-level state diploma in Agricultural Engineering ("Dipl?me d?Ing?nieur").

In addition other courses were created :

  • Engineering degree in Agriculture and Food sciences (Master level) by continuing education
  • Engineering degree in viti-viniculture (Master level) by apprenticeship

These degrees are accredited by the French Ministry of Agriculture and the French National Commission of Engineering Qualifications ("Commission des Titres de l?Ing?nieur").

ISARA-Lyon awards two other degrees

  • A Bachelor degree "Quality in fruit and vegetable production"
  • A Specialised Master "Quality in animal production"
    The activities of applied research, studies, consultancy and evaluation have been developed by ISARA-Lyon as they are essential to our training - and to the improvement of the teaching team?s competence, and to the links with the scientific and professional worlds.

Compagnies and professional
Our goal is to maintain strong partnership with professionals from the agriculture, the food industry, the local development such as the international scientific community. Such partners welcome our students as part of internship programmes and call on us to carry out research, expertise and training programmes.

Cooperation is applied in many directions
Organisation of short training modules which gather together French and foreign students and teachers (The traditional food products challenges in Europe)

- Settlement of coordinated training periods (Organic farming, Aquaculture...)

- Elaboration of training tools about distance learning for teaching staff (Food Processing,.. )

- Organisation of links between universities, students and companies (internships)

- Support of foreign universities to build training programmes.
- Organisation of common research.

Study, Consultancy, Evaluation, Adult Education
The aim is to reply to the needs of companies, professional organisations, publics services, and administrations.
- by providing a service of recognised quality
- by way of applied research, evaluation, consulting, and project follow-up, which represent an essential component of the ISARA-Lyon project.

ISARA-Lyon wishes to be a reference through its intense relationships (partnerships and contracts) with the scientific and professional world.

Marketing and Corporate Strategy
  The activities of the team are centred on 3 main domains

  • Follow up and help to define marketing and commercial strategies and management of new projects (new products, market position, commercial plan of action,...) ;
  • Follow and help collective initiatives to identify quality and origin : feasibility studies, preliminary diagnostics, follow-up of management questions (organisation, responsibilities, ...) ;
  • Design, accompany and evaluate strategic reflexions and development of the offer of service.
    This team can vary its actions depending on the nature of the projects : evaluation, consulting, follow-up adult education, studies, applied research.

Agri-food companies (production, transformation, distribution), product unions, professional agricultural organisation, certification organisations, INAO, ...

In a narrow partnership with French and foreign scientific teams, our researchers, research managers, PhD and technicians develop applied research activities in the frame of regional, national and European programs on various themes:

- biotechnology and animal production
- animal feeding security and biotechnology
- organic farming and cereal production
- microbial ecology and dairy products
- food security and consumer satisfaction
- rural development :sustainable agriculture, multifunctionality
- production and valorisation of aquatic products, management of wetlands.