Styria (in German language: Steiermark; in Slovenian language: ?tajerska;) is a state, located in the southeast of Austria. With a total area of 16,388 km?, Styria is the second largest of the nine Austrian states. It borders Slovenia  (145 km borderline) as well as the other Austrian states of Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Salzburg, Burgenland and Carinthia. The population (as of 2001) was 1,183,303. The capital city is Graz and regional home to incumbent Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as the Cultural Capital of Europe in the year 2003.

Eastern Styria is one of the Styrian regions. The size of the region is 3.350 km? with is 20 % of the total size of Styria. Five districts belong to the region of Eastern Styria. These are Feldbach, F?rstenfeld, Hartberg, Bad Radkersburg and Weiz. These five districts are administrated by 192 municipalities (35 % of Styria) that join to different kind of networking regions like the Almenland, the Vulkanland, the Energieregion Weiz-Gleisdorf, the Apfelland, the Joglland or the Styrian Spa land called Thermenland. The number of inhabitants is 268.000 (23 % of Styria).The density per km? is around 80. The important cities of the region are Weiz, Gleisdorf and Feldbach.

With 3.8 , Styria had the strongest economic growth rate in Austria in the year 2004 - mainly due to capitel city of Graz and and the industry area of Weiz. Especially in these two citiys strong economic growth were given that year and has continued to grow in economic and population terms since then (automobile cluster styria and Joanneum research).