Weizer Energy Innovation Centre (W.E.I.Z)

The Weizer Energy Innovation Centre (W.E.I.Z) was founded 1998 and has developed as an important initiator for the economic structural change in the region east Styria as a competent incoming point for enterprises and municipalities.

As Impulse and Innovation Centre of the region, the Weizer Energy Innovation Centre is involved in different regional and international projects as a project leader or partner and has experience in project management. The W.E.I.Z. handles the management of the energy region Weiz - Gleisdorf which surrounds 18 municipalities. One focus of the W.E.I.Z. is based on the object ?Energy?, there is a own department of energy installed, which is used by public bodies, municipalities SME and private user and the  organisation of networking and platforms for international co operations, knowledge transfer and qualification.

Main emphasis sectors:

Energy and Construction, environment, wood, metal industry, information and communication technologies, qualification;

Topics: Market entrances, co-operations, know-how transfer, training and long term employment

The fields of work and professional know-how of W.E.I.Z. contains:

Project management (regional and international)

Project conception and development, the preparation of work-programmes, project coordination, implementation of projects, support of Steering Committees, formal transactions, financial management of projects, reporting, monitoring and controlling.

TMM (Total marketing management)

There is a own department of international marketing. 5 Marketing Assistants are working for regional and international SME to get success to new markets in Europe. Total Marketing Management companied with an active network of international partner is offered to the companies.


Based on projects like EuroSyn, Belofice, I?net etc. several partnership relations have been built up to municipalities, SME, impulse and technological-centres, various organisations with the focus on energy, incubators on regional und international level and education institutes. (Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Greece).

Within the scope of INTERREG III A projects (Common Challenge, T.E.A.M. and REEMS) a close collaboration occurs with international regions, as well as with existing networks as ENSO, the wood-cluster etc.


Coordination und organisation of qualification projects and Know-how transfer (?Monday Academy?, ?upgrading?); inquiry of demand oriented qualification and trainings, development of qualification programs (eg. Passivhouse technology qualification network, marketing workshop, languages etc.,) a Videoconferenzsystem is available

Energy Competence Centrum

Contact point for enterprises, municipalities and privates

Coordination of projects with the aim: energy, construction in passivhouse and low-energy-house sector, know-how transfer to this priority.


eg. IBN (International Business Networking) Information- und Communications-Platform to support regional and international business co-operations, Internationalisation of the local economy, contacts for cooperation and Know-how transfer.


Initiation, organisation and coordination of events to the relevant topics


of Offices and Labours (presently 9 SME and 2 Institute of R&D- Joanneum Research)

Front office, Conference- and Media rooms available