Provincia di Belluno

The region

The area of the Province of Belluno is mainly mountainous, rich in water thanks to the many lakes, streams, hydroelectric basins and huge Coniferae woods. Some areas of the province are included in natural parks: Val Belluna Mountains belong to ?Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi? while the mountains around Cortina belong to ?Parco Regionale delle Dolomiti d?Ampezzo?.

The Province is divided into areas which have different characteristics: Feltrino, Bellunese,  Alpago, Agordino, Zoldano, Valle del Boite, Conca d'Ampezzo, Cadore, Comelico and Sappada.

The richness of the province of Belluno are the Dolomites which include the most important mountains in the alpine arch: Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Marmolada, Tofane, Pelmo, Civetta,  Cinque Torri, Cristallo, Sorapis, Focobon, Agner, Nuvolau and Averau.

Role in RegioMarket

The Province of Belluno aims at developing and promoting some local products within itineraries which combine gastronomy and tourism, allowing people to know the territory and its food production.