Provincia di Belluno

The institution

Provincia di Belluno is a local authority with an in-between position among regional and municipal authorities. It represents its own community fostering its development through the functions assigned by regional and national laws.

2nd July 1951 the first ?bellunese? provincial Council took over. It was elected through universal suffrage.

Legal representative for Provincia di Belluno is the President, who continues in office for 5 years. Current president is Sergio Reolon. A board of 8 assessors cooperates with him following the directives of a Council, made up of 24 members elected through universal suffrage.

Fields of activity

Provincia di Belluno has competences in dealing with the following sectors: Public Works, Soil Protection, Roads and Transports, Property and school building, Protection and management of fauna and water resources, Job policies, welfare, culture and schooling, Sport and Tourism, Environment.