Park of the Julian Prealps

The main attractions of the area consist in its being a nature park, with an uncontaminated nature and beautiful landscapes. Mountain sports and trekking are possible in the whole area, as well as didactic activities for children. The Park area has a very distinctive and traditional culture that can be enjoyed through its language, music, traditional manifestations and typical food products.

The Julian Prealps nature park hosts a huge number of botanical varieties, as it is a meeting point for Alpine, Mediterranean and Illyrian bio-geographical regions.

The characteristics of vegetation, micro-fauna and great carnivorous such as bear and lynx, as well as the concentration of human settlements in the valley bottom, give the area a high percentage of wilderness, so that one can walk for miles along the tracks in fascinating surroundings, often in complete solitude.

Among the geological features, are to highlight the karst morphology of the Mount Canin area. Surface and underground phenomena are here represented creating also a real karst garden of impressive size. Mount Canin hypogeal complex, with its caves such as Abisso Gortani, over 900 metres deep, stands in the list of the best European geological sites.

From the cultural point of view, a particular specificness is represented by the local communities of Resia valley and upper Torre valley, where population managed to preserve language and traditions (they are Slav minorities) and, thanks to their laboriousness, shaped the magic landscape of the protected area and the surrounding fields.

Mountain huts, sheperds? shelters, fields and pastures stand now as witnesses of the everyday life that has formed the character of the land. Its entireness is now offered to visitors and mountain lovers.