Park of the Julian Prealps

The Nature Park of the Julian Prealps was set up in 1996. It lays on a territory of 100 km2 in the municipalities Resia, Resiutta, Chiusaforte, Lusevera, Venzone and Moggio Udinese (in the district of Udine).

These six townships are part of the park, but not the whole of their territory is actually included in the protected area: the valley part, where the inhabited centre lay, is outside the perimeter of the Park, which mostly includes mountain areas. But this limitation is only administrative and for all activities and marketing strategies, the Park considers the six townships its territory and so will we in this project.

In any case it is important to underline the fact that we are dealing with a very small territory where tourism development would be crucial, but where no big numbers have ever been considered.

The area includes the highest peaks of Mount Plauris (m.1958), Mounts Musi (m.1869) and Mount Canin massif (m. 2587). The average altitude is lower only in the villages of Povici (val Resia) and Mea creek valley.

Some data:

  • Size of the region: in sqkm 490,52
  • Number of inhabitants:7467
  • Density: Number of inhabitants per sqkm 17,74


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