The most southern federal state of Austria is Carinthia. The state is borders with Eastern Tyrol in the west, by Salzburg and Styria in the north and northeast. Moreover the state is surrounded by the Italian Region of Friuli-Julian-Venetian and the Federal Republic of Slovenia. The federal state comprises 9.535,97 square kilometres and is crossed by different valleys. For example: the Lavanttal in the east, along the Italian borderline in the south from the Gailtal and in the centre by the Gurktal.

The federal state of Carinthia
The federal state of Carinthia

In 2004 the number of citizens amounted to 559.078. Therefore the density of population was 59 citicens to one square kilometre. The most densely populated area of Carinthia was the so called ?Klagenfurter Becken? between Klagenfurt and Villach. The three main cities of the federal state Carinthia are:

- Klagenfurt     | 91.044 citizens

- Villach           | 57.746 citizens

- Wolfsberg     | 25.335 citizens