Amt der K?rntner Landesregierung, Abteilung 10L Landwirtschaft

In 1998 the provincial government of the federal state Carinthia established a new brand name for Carinthian foods. The commercialisation of products of 16 Carinthian companies under the brand ?K?rnten ? echt gut!? is still in process. These products include: milk, cheese and meat products, mineral water, vegetable specialities, noodles, flour, bakery products and different kinds of beer. Furthermore the products are produced in Carinthia and are partly offered nationwide, in particular milk and cheese products manufactured by the ?K?rntnermilch?. Products of the brewery ?Hirter Bier? are offered as well in more than one federal state.

The marketing activities of the commercialisation community ?K?rnten ? echt gut!? are mainly bundled and concentrated in the federal state Carinthia. To provide further information for consumer accounting purposes about the marketing initiative advice and information as available at the homepage ?K?rnten ? echt gut!?. For example, the philosophy of the initiative can be found as well as, all participating companies and at least the specifications to attend the community.


As mentioned in the first section of the regional activities of the partners, at least one partner of one specific class of food businesses, for example milk and milk production the so called ?K?rntnermilch?, is a member of the marketing initiative ?K?rnten ? echt gut!?. These companies try to market products. For example:

  • Dairy products
  • Meat products
  • Carinthian specialities
  • Cereal | cereal products | bakery products
  • Alcoholic & non-alcoholic products
  • Fruit & vegetables

General information

Since 2003 the management of the brand ?K?rnten ? Echt gut!? has been organised as a registered association with the following structure: the chairman represents the association to the general public. In case of legal transactions, which are related to financial responsibilities of the association, such transactions have to be certified by an authorised person of the financial department.


Please have a look at the Homepage: http://www.lebensmittel-kaernten.at/

Products:  Milk-, meat- and sausage products, vegetables, fruit, cereals, pasta and beer.