The Project RegioMarket

Renforcer les strat?gies durables de marques collectives r?gionales dans les secteurs des produits alimentaires, du tourisme et de la gastronomie, et des ?nergies renouvelables.
Conf?rence finale du programme Interreg III B Espace Alpin RegioMarket
13 et 14 F?vrier 2008

Optimizing regional marketing ? a promising approach for the Alpine Space

The Alpine Space is well-known for its high diversity of products, services and its attractive landscapes.

  • Setting up local and regional energy systems leading to a high supply rate of renewable resources
  • Managing regional tourist destinations taking into account regional high-qaulity products and services which have been produced in a sustainable way
  • Producing and marketing top-quality regional agricultural products in a way that sustains the capability of the local natural and economic systems

This will be facilitated by setting up regional quality and marketing systems in the RegioMarket partners regions.

The implementation of these systems is supposed to demonstrate the feasibility of RegioMarket and will serve as germ cells for an increase of attractiveness and competitiveness of the entire Alpine Space. As an overall objective, the RegioMarket team aims at developing and implementing a corporate sustainable branding and marketing strategy for the Alpine Space focussing on the three core economic sectors mentioned above.

The strategy will contribute to the promotion of top-quality regional products and services inside and outside the Alpine Space. Environmental protection and sustainable management of the Alpine Space are an essential part of the strategy.

Our main objectives ? what we want to achieve

  • Establish a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for the Alpine Space
  • Increase competitiveness and promote SMEs and new business investments
  • Increase added value and create employment
  • Conserve typical landscapes and the diversity of the Alpine Space by sustainable management approaches
  • Provide clear guidance to public authorities, policy makers and other stakeholders regarding marketing and branding of regional products

Our main activities ? what we do

  •  SWOT ? Analysis of structures and marketing activities of project partners
  • Comparison of existing regional brands in Alpine Space
  • Identification of legal, customers? and market requirements concerning regional products and regional marketing
  • Development and implementation of quality standards and control systems for special product groups and services
  • Development and implementation of branding strategies in regions within the three core sectors
  • Establishment of horizontal and vertical networks to strengthen the (marketing) competence of partner regions and the entire Alpine Space
  • Organisation of a transnational symposium to support knowledge transfer to existing Alpine Space projects, decision makers, etc.