The UNSER LAND region

The UNSER LAND region comprises ten districts and the city of Munich with an overall size of 7.786 km?. The total number of inhabitants is about 2,6 million, the city and district of Munich alone coming up with about 1,5 million. The Density of inhabitants varies from an average of about 107 per km2 in the region ?Oberland? to an average of about 444 per km2  in the region of Munich. The city of Munich itself is outnumbering that figure with an average of 3.900 inhabitants per km2. The average for the whole UNSER LAND region is about 303 inhabitants/km2.

The most important city in the region is Munich. But there are also a number of notable smaller cities like Bad T?lz, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Ebersberg, Starnberg, Dachau, Landsberg or F?rstenfeldbruck.

In terms of inhabitants the region is one of the fastest growing regions in Germany. The people living in this region are, compared to German and European average, wealthy.

The southern part of the region belongs to the favourite tourist areas in Germany. However the agricultural sector has been in decline for several decades now, which leads to alteration in the natural scenery and changes for the worse in the cultural landscape.