Local Development Center Litija

Local Development Center Litija, in line with its values, is dedicated to educating partners about the needs of the environment for networking, education, financing and the exchange of experiences which subsequently contributes to the increased competitiveness and wealth of the local community and wider region. We help customers acquire financing for the effective arrangement of projects which have a positive effect on the local community and wider region.

Operations in the area of development planning are carried out through their inclusion into national, regional and local development projects such as a rural development centre, the development of local clusters, a rural development program, regional and municipal development program, local development program, etc.

In the area of tourist development promotion, we implement various projects directed both at developing the brand name of Posavsko hribovje and the design of new tourist products and their promotion. We are concerned with the development of social and intellectual capital for expert teams and local tourist guides, the training and provision of services to tourist providers and the development of the local supporting environment. When designing new products, we monitor completed tourist strategies, assigning them to a defined group as either ?a story?, ?food and entertainment? or ?adrenaline?.

Within the framework of a supporting environment for entrepreneurship, Development Center Litija's main activity is the implementation of ?one stop shop? activities at three locations, namely in Litija, Kamnik and Grosuplje. A one stop shop enables entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs to register their companies as a status change and offers advice for establishing a company, all at one location. In addition to consultation, we also help acquire grants for entrepreneurial projects and educate and train the entrepreneurial population and remaining target groups. We provide general and specialised entrepreneurial consultancy within the framework of the voucher consulting program and also offer information support to the local environment. We are also experienced in carrying out entrepreneurial circles at elementary schools and in organising regional entrepreneurial forums, encouraging vocational training with the aid of vocational education at elementary schools and encouraging student and employer networking in the Litija and ?martno pri Litiji municipalities.