Centre for Sustainable Rural Development Kranj

The Centre for Sustainable Rural Development Kranj (CTRP Kranj) is a non-profit institute for development offering expert solutions and networking to individuals, NGOs and to local communities in their economic, environmental and societal development activities in the Gorenjska rural areas.

The Centre offers knowledge on theoretical and practical training related to the matters of self-employment in the following:

●       tourism,

●       processing of fruit, vegetables and herbs,

●       traditional baking of bread and pastries,

●       work in the forest, and

●       for a group of craft businesses.

We offer business counselling, help in administrative procedures and assist at first steps in marketing. In doing this, the Centre has proposed a trademark , which helps to market top quality products from the Gorenjska region, that is, in the topical areas mentioned above.

The Centre is focused exclusively on developmental initiatives based on sustainable management and on preservation of nature and cultural heritage, especially by identification of those factors that raise the quality of life of the entire community and its future generations.

As a partner, the Centre participates in the transnational project ?Karavanke Natura 2000?, and, as the lead partner of the project entitled ?Experiencing lake surroundings?, the Centre enhances the activities related to the nature preservation at artificial Trboje Lake, by introducing sustainable initiatives.

The quality of community life depends on the opportunities that its members are given for independent building of their welfare and security. Since its establishment, the Centre has participated in the projects enhancing the social inclusion of individuals and groups. Within the project Rural Development Centre the Centre addresses the unemployed and the underemployed and enables them to acquire skills and knowledge for re-employment and first (self) employment. Within the ?RegioMarket? project, we have participated with regional small and middle-sized businesses by developing corporate trademarks that would enhance their competitiveness against multinational companies.

We encourage the use of traditional skills in business activities and participate in the projects promoting cultural heritage. With its sales exhibition and promotional events, ?Kranjska hisa? (Kranj House) will become the place of recognition of the Gorenjska countryside, its skills, and quality products.

Preparation of successful development projects depends on quality data and analyses that indicate true needs and opportunities of the countryside. Within the Centre there operates the nationally recognized Countryside Research Group, which supports the research challenges that would enhance professional action taking in the environment.

Last but not least, CTRP Kranj is not only the provider of services, but it takes on the responsibility of preparing developmental programmes that to be carried out in the Gorenjska region in the period of 2007?2013. Thus, the Centre is involved in partner networks and initiates regional, national and transnational co-operation. Among other things, the Centre contributes to the preparation of co-operation within the Community initiative LEADER in the central Gorenjska region.

Centre for Sustainable Rural Development
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