In the district Zollernalb tourism is important as well. It also has got the wide structure of touristy destination. The famous "Hohenzollern" castle, the symbol of the district and ancestral castle of German emperors, can be seen from afar. The impressive steep Alb precipice divides one of the most beautiful regions of Germany into the lovely Alb foothills and the typical Alb plateau with its idyllic juniper heaths. Numerous well-signposted hiking trails and bicycle paths are inviting to actively visit the charming countryside with its unique geological treasures and pure natural beauty. The district Zollernalb is affected by a multifarious middle-class economy. An even for Baden-W?rttemberg above-average high part of employees works for the industry (54.8%). Mechanical, electrical and medical engineering as well as textile and clothing industry are the commanding lines of production. Over the past years several lines from the service sector have been able to become an important part for economy of the district Zollernalb. So amongst others the tourism sector has become an essential factor for the added value in the district Zollernalb.