Hochschule Liechtenstein - Institute for Entrepreneurship, University of Applied Sciences Liechtenstein

Internationally positioned

Turntable between science and economy

The Liechtenstein University of Applied Sciences has tradition. For 45 years specialists for the domestic and international economy have been trained. The technical orientation with a focus on architecture and economic science began at the end of the nineties. The university awards degrees for bachelor and master studies in architecture, business administration, banking & financial management, entrepreneurship and economical informatics. Furthermore, it offers a broad pallet of services within the range of professional training and provides applied research and knowledge transfer.

Bachelor and Master courses since 1999

The Liechtenstein University of Applied Sciences ranks among the first universities in the German-speaking countries that introduced bachelor and master courses of studies according to the Bologna Agreement. In 1999, the first Bachelor courses of studies were implemented, followed by the introduction of Master programmes.

Internationalism is of high significance

Students benefits from the numerous advantages of the internationally aligned study programs. The practice-oriented education and training, the study in small groups, the short study duration, the promotion of study terms abroad via European Union education programs and least but not least, the internationally accredited bachelor and master programs attract students to the university.

Professors of internationally renowned universities are engaged in teachings and individual study programs are completed in co-operation with international universities. The award of ECTS credit points and the issue of the ?Diploma of Supplements? takes place for some years already. Internationalism has tradition and a highly valued.

European Union-notified architecture studies

The architecture course of studies was notified 2002 by the European Union. Graduates of this study have free entrance to respective professions in all EU/EWR states. Thus, graduates of an architecture study from Swiss universities have also the possibility of attaining a European Union-recognized degree. The Liechtenstein University of Applied Sciences is the only university in the area Switzerland-Liechtenstein-Austria, which offers an architecture course of studies accredited by the EU.

Experts confirm high level

In line with Swiss universities Liechtenstein University of Applied Sciences puts a strong emphasis on quality. This was the result of a ?Peer Review 2004?, which was accomplished on behalf of the university board. According to the conclusions of an independent team of experts the university stands ?in every respect on a high level?.

Various further training possibilities

A vast variety varied of professional training services is at the executives` disposal. The offers range from the specialized lecture to Executive MBA programs in architecture, Banking & Finance, SME management, SME marketing, international management, trust and law, insurance, fiscal matters, economical informatics and industrial engineer. The different forums represent contacts opportunities and information platforms for executives from the region Alpine Rhine Valley.

Institutes - ?knowledge pools? and ?knowledge poles?

At the university the four institutes

? Architecture and urban planning

? Entrepreneurship

? Financial services

? Economical informatics

represent competence centres for teaching (education and professional training), applied research and knowledge transfer.

SME turntable for the region

However, the Liechtenstein University of Applied Sciences understands itself as service provider for small and medium sized enterprises (SME). The SME centre provides advisory activities; works as a knowledge and technology transfer centre in the three countries embracing Rhine Valley and conduces to the promotion of young enterprises and start-ups.

ICQM - Quality assurance within the financial service sector

The ICQM - institutes for compliance and quality management gives a substantial contribution to the adherence to quality standards of financial institutions in Liechtenstein and their international recognition.

KOFL ? Liechtenstein Institute for Business Cycle Research

The institute focuses on economic questions and supports private and public economic actors.


The university in figures ? 2006



Students in training programmes


approx. 660

Economic Science

approx. 510


approx. 150

Students in professional training programmes


approx. 300


approx. 160

University seminars

approx. 140

Students`country of origin

Austria          approx. 40 %


Switzerland approx. 30 %


Liechtenstein approx. 15 %


Germany approx. 10 %


Other countries approx.   5 %

Professors, lecturer and trainers


approx. 200

Projects within the range

Research, transfer of technology and knowledge

approx. 150 /a

Programmes of studies


Bachelor and Master study (BScArch, MScArch)     

Bachelor study (BBA)
Business Administration
Recess in International Management or Financial Services

Master study (MBA)

Master study (MSc)
Banking & Financial Management

Bachelor/Master study (BSc, MSc)
Economical informatics

Further training

Executive MBA
Business Process Integration
Entrepreneurial Management
International Management
Wealth Management

Executive Master LL.M.
Liechtenstein and international corporate law

International Management (with University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg (Austria)) -> EMBA
Private Banking
Industrial engineer

University Seminars
Management of Real
International Funds Business IFB
International Funds Strategy IFS
SME Management
SME Marketing
Liechtenstein?s Corporate Law
Private Banking
Software Developer object- oriented

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T +423 265 11 11
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