LUBW State Institute for Environment, Measurements and Nature Conservation Baden-Wuerttemberg

The LUBW State Institute for Environment, Measurements and Nature Conservation Baden-Wuerttemberg is an independent institute of public law. The Ministry for Environment and the Ministry for Food and Rural Development Baden-Wuerttemberg are responsible for the supervision of the LUBW. The mission statement of the LUBW is to protect our environment and to conserve our natural base of life even for the following generations.

The LUBW has to especially fulfil the following tasks:

  • Consultancy and support of the state government and other state authorities of Baden-Wuerttemberg concerning all questions related to environmental, nature and radiation protection, technical employment protection and plant and product safety.
  • Support of the lower administrative authorities, local authorities and administrative collectivities concerning the fulfilment of governmental tasks.
  • Professional assessment of issues, measures and technologies related to environment and nature ? expert activities.
  • Transfer of research results to practical applications ? research transfer.
  • Implementation and operation of observational networks, set up of measurement and evaluation concepts and of quality assurance.
  • Chemical, radiological and biological analysis of environmental testings and development of new proceedings.
  • Approval of experts and examination centers.
  • Concept, monitoring and implementation of projects.
  • Safety-related examinations of products and installation of product databases.
  • Operation of the central statewide database for environmental information.

The idea of RegioMarket was developed in the context of the ?PLENUM? programme, that is one activity of the LUBW in the field of nature protection. PLENUM means ?Project of Baden-Wuerttemberg to conserve and develop nature and environment (in close cooperation with regional population)? (Projekt des Landes zur Erhaltung und Entwicklung von Natur und Umwelt). The new strategic approach of PLENUM combines goals of large area nature protection and instruments of regional development. Thus PLENUM is a supplement to the classical instruments of nature protection in order to create and to strengthen structures for regional management. The realisation of the PLENUM concept takes place in the PLENUM project regions, which are particularly valuable and representative for the landscape of Baden-Wuerttemberg. At the moment there are five PLENUM project regions in Baden-Wuerttemberg. PLENUM is a new nature protection strategy aiming at the achievement of environmental and conservational objectives not by mandatory regulations, but on voluntary basis in cooperation with the population. PLENUM promotes projects in the field of sustainable agriculture and forestry, marketing of regional products, sustainable tourism and environmental education. Everybody who has a good idea which contributes to the conservation of the typical landscapes by sustainable measures in one of these fields could apply for PLENUM funds. All RegioMarket activities will be implemented in the context of PLENUM.

Contact details:
LUBW Landesanstalt f?r Umwelt, Messungen und Naturschutz Baden-W?rttemberg
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