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Lead Partner

Unser Land GmbH

Patrick Ansbacher
Ph. ++49 89 18935212
email: regiomarket@unserland.info

The partners

  • Landesanstalt f?r Umwelt, Messungen und Naturschutz Baden-W?rttemberg
  • Center for sustainable rural development Kranj - Development Institute
  • Local Development Centre Litija
  • Unser Land GmbH
  • Amt der K?rntner Landesregierung, Abteilung 10L
  • LandwirtschaftSalzburger Institut f?r Raumordnung und Wohnen, Gemeindeentwicklung
  • Isara-Lyon - Equipe Marketing et Strat?gies des Entreprises
  • Centro Sviluppo SPA - Area Economica Aziendale e Area Qualita' e Innovazione Tecnologica
  • LBBZ Plantahof Landwirtschaftliches Bildungs- und Beratungszentrum Graub?nden

The common objectives

The product group will work out a guideline for cooperative regional marketing initiatives which helps regional agencies to improve regional marketing activities. The guideline will consider different aspects of a regional marketing process, e.g. involving and motivating regional stakeholders, elements of a good regional marketing concept, cooperation structures, etc. These aspects will be worked out during the project.

The product group will furthermore come up with a common proposal for regional markets and brands.

Some basic criteria for the definition of a regional brand which is in line with the RegioMarket quality requirements are needed. Following common understanding of a ?good regional brand? shall be used for further development (1st draft):

  • conservation of typical landscapes and nature
  • contribution to the variety of specific and characteristic food products
  • food tells a story, that is related to the characteristics of the region (culture, tradition, innovation)
  • regional market system follows sustainability schemes
  • traceability of raw materials
  • criteria should include use of renewable energies
  • criteria should include link to the field of tourism
  • goods must have high quality (tasty, fresh, ?)
  • user and partners must contribute to a regional community

Furthermore minimum requirements for ?a good regional market? have to be defined, e.g. (1st draft):

  • helps preservation and development of regional characteristics (?value of huge variety in Alpine Space?)
  • region has a regional brand with a story (?we are famous for ? / proud of ??)
  • there is a regional identification (?people tell the same story?)
  • partners are committed to a holistic development of the region
  • businesses and idealistic groups join their forces (?dual system?)
  • regional actors know other regional market regions and cooperate as fas as possible
  • all other regional market regions know regions characteristics
  • region has at least one, better more products with a clear, transparent definition level of quality (?criteria that are easy to remember and easy to convey?)

Further details will be worked out in cooperation with all partners during the project.

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